About Dr. barbara king


Dr. Barbara Lewis King, affectionately called "Dr. Barbara," is the Founder Minister/World Spiritual Leader of Hillside International Truth Center, Inc., a nondenominational, inclusive, healing ministry for all people, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  Hillside began with a prayer group of twelve in Dr. Barbara's home in 1971.  Now in its 44th year, Hillside's membership is worldwide. Dr. Barbara has earned a BA, MSW & Doctorate of Ministry. She has authored nine books.

Learn more about Dr. Barbara at www.drbarbaraking.com.
Standing 6’5” in her stocking feet, she knows the challenge of finding beautiful clothing when you’re tall. Dr. Barbara owned and operated her “Tall is Beautiful” boutique in the famous Galleria Mall in Atlanta, Georgia.  One of her favorite customers was her late friend, the legendary Maya Angelou.   Although the demands of her schedule forced her to close the shop a few years after opening, she never lost her desire to help women dress beautifully.  As a child, she was taught by her grandmother to always present herself well.  Taking that advice to heart, Dr. Barbara is known for her sense of style. Because of their exquisite embroidery and colorful prints, she often wears traditional African garments.  However, she also loves the unique and often one-of-kind garments designed for her by several American designers.  One of the designers, Marva Ballard, who has designed under her label M.G. Ballard Designs for over 35 years, is the designer for the Barbara King Collection.